Sue Elliot has over 15 years experience in digital marketing and content creation. In fact, if you think back that means she’s been in the business probably before Content Marketing was a thing. Sue successfully introduced this strategy as a way to engage with audiences and amplify brand messaging.

In 2002 email marketing was just taking off and Sue had to find ways to give subscribers a reason to open her weekly travel emails. That saw the creation of a new way of storytelling, rather than selling, that inspired hundreds of thousands of travellers throughout the world to connect with her brands.

Sue’s journey in the travel industry started over 30 years ago. Over this time she’s enjoyed roles in retail travel, tour leading, product development, community engagement and marketing. Now her clients include leisure travel agencies, corporate travel managers, not-for-profit organisations and any small businesses that need help with managing their digital campaigns.

Today, Sue combines her passion for travel and love of content creation with her vast experience across websites, blogs, social media and email. The result is Sue Elliot Online – a place where you can discover how to connect with your audience, increase brand engagement and pick up some great travel tips along the way.

See our case study to get more of an idea of what Sue Elliot Online can do for you.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you!” ~ Oprah Winfrey